Offers a balance between moisture management and moderate level of warmth. Also provides a barrier against wind and a protection against water


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Pick up the pace and stay warm and dry with the Element Tights. The outer microperforated polyurethane membrane is waterproof and windproof to protect against the elements.  The Vertexx lining is designed to accommodate motion while insulating and evaporating moisture. Knees are articulated for that perfect fit while skiing. Ankle zip and gripper accommodate boots.

Innovative technology for serious and competitive skiiers looking for speed, performance, and comfort.

On days when others let their cars idle, you run. On days when others rush from the car to the office gripping umbrellas, you run, On days when you can't tell the brand of your sneaker because they are caked with mud, we run with you. Throughout the seasons, Louis Garneau has your back even when running doesn't seem like an option.