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Small aileron crown creating a vortex on top of the helmet, thus reducing drag.

Spiderlock SL is a helmet stabilizing device that perfectly fits in with the webbing system. Its mechanism is alike the Spiderlock Elite's, but an engineering process has been performed to reduce significantly the weight of the helmet. This way, we have built very comfortable helmets with lower weight. It may be tightened around the rider's head with only one hand thanks to its rack-and-pinion mechanism. The angle can be adjusted. Ergonomic foam padding for optimum comfort at the neck area.

So light that this rack-and-pinion system can be adjusted or removed to stabilize the helmet around the head. It is provided with an ergonomic foam padding.

Monocoque Structural Base (MSB)
Ring-shaped protection at the helmet base, which reinforces the perimeter. A plastic covers the head completely for enhanced protection.

Ring-shaped plastic cover at the base of the helmet in order to spread the shock of impact.

Where grams convert into seconds, there is no place for useless weight. To avoid the failure of comfort, multifunction adjusting systems or ventilation, design optimization is crucial. Each gram is now key to protection and comfort. It takes more than a simple vision to achieve a super light helmet.

Helmet light enough to make you forget you are wearing it.


USD$ 169.99

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Louis Garneau introduces the lightest helmet on the market. Through patent pending U-Bar technology, U-shaped ribs that are folded six times create a complex exoskeleton to reinforce the helmet’s structure. A super lightweight helmet stabilizing device is fitted with the webbing system and can be fully adjusted using only one hand. Super MSB technology is a ring-shaped protection at the base of the helmet to reinforce the perimeter for enhanced protection. All of these details make the X-Lite helmet not only seconds saving, not only ultra light, but they make the helmet safe and do not compromise the need for protection.

Designed with technology specific to road cycling.

With safety in mind, women - specific helmet properly fit the unique structure of a woman's body.

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