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S-66 XLT
While retaining the same rigorous manufacturing process as our S-6 alloy, this 6066 series double-butted aluminum alloy tubing is chosen for its superior mechanical strength that allows the use of thinner tube for a lower weight.

By integrating bearings and using a wider 86.5 mm BB shell, we are able to use that extra space to weld chain stays further apart to increase mud clearance and improve power transfer.

With better power modulation and more constant all-weather performance, disc brakes are a clear improvement over regular cantilevers.


USD$ 1,599.99

4303061Not available online.

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"A fast and efficient ride that meets the demands of loose terrain"

Cyclo-cross is a fast-paced sport and our cross fit aggressive geometry is perfectly suited to handle it. We have kept chain stays short to improve acceleration and handling while still maintaining great mud clearance. The bottom bracket height has been revised to provide enough clearance for pedaling out of ruts but is still low enough not to compromise stability. Square geometry gives ample front triangle clearance for portage.

Oversized head tube for better rigidity, cables integrated into top tube, oversized bottom bracket for better power transfer, and light carbon fork make our Cyclocross Elite bikes the obvious choice.