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About us

Louis Garneau is all about the integrity of an ideology that inspires every member of the team on a daily basis. What makes Louis Garneau different is the perfect fusion of technology, passion, performance and maximum comfort.

Louis Garneau is a cycling champion and Olympian. He designed his cycling apparel precisely the way he knew it had to fit and perform so he could focus on competing, not fighting discomfort.

More than 40 years later, Olympic athletes, Canadian and world team cyclists, recreational warriors and bike trail enthusiasts alike are reaping the benefits of Louis' quest for perfection and his passion for cycling.


Our mission is to design clothing and equipment with your safety as a top priority.

You are already actively looking out for your well-being by being alert and predictable to other road users. When you choose clothing and equipment designed specifically for your safety, you give yourself greater peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy every ride.


For Garneau, every part of your body that comes in contact with the bike is an opportunity to create comfort. Expertly designed gloves, shorts and shoes will allow you to ride farther, faster and longer. You'll always arrive with less fatigue and frustration. 


Garneau's design team spends hundreds of hours innovating airflow and cooling technology, using physics principles such as "enthalpy of vaporization" and "advanced aerodynamics". You can even find our patented Ergo air technology in the soles of Garneau shoes and the palms of Garneau gloves.


The merging of safety, comfort and attention to aerodynamic technology results in performance.  Whether you're aiming to win or just riding for fun, our apparel is designed to get the most out of every pedal stroke. We create clothing that powers you forward, never holding you back.


"Innovation is an obsession for me. I want to be the best, all the time. Every day I go to work and ask myself this question: What can we do to create a better product that will help athletes perform?"

- Louis Garneau