How to Receive your First Medal

Our founder, Olympian Louis Garneau, knows how important encouragement and support are to our efforts, whatever the discipline, whatever the level and whatever the field.

That's why he wishes to encourage all young cyclists to make cycling their lifelong passion. With the help of all parents, he will be able to discover the efforts that kids made in this discipline that is close to his heart. Louis Garneau offers your child a medal the size of an Olympic medal when he or she takes on a challenge, reaches a milestone, surpasses his or her limits or takes personal pride.

Whether it's because your child balances on a bike for the first time, or because he or she went from a 3-wheeler to a 2-wheeler, or because he or she went to daycare with you without falling, Louis Garneau wants to know.

To receive a medal in your child's name, simply send a photo or video of your kid at the time of his or her achievement to

*Please note that you must purchase a kids bike from our exclusive online collection to be eligible for this program.

Then, the following information:

  • Child's name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Order/invoice number

*By providing your photo or your child's photo, you consent to the use of the subject of the photograph on the Louis Garneau website, as well as in other supports and publications exclusive to Louis Garneau Sports. It is not our responsibility to ensure that each underage subject has the required consent to have his or her photograph or image used on the site.

Satisfaction is found in the effort. This small gesture is our way of rewarding the great moments in your child's life.