Kids' bikes: Why do they hold such an important place In the heart of Louis Garneau?

Getting your first bike

A child's life is full of adventures and first experiences. Every first time comes with its own set of emotions, sometimes fear, but mostly achievements. However, nothing marks our imaginations as much as our first bicycle. And when Louis Garneau looks back, he sees his first bike, an Italian, whose image is always engraved in his memory.

No one could have predicted that this gift from his father would have changed his life this much. Today, Louis Garneau is known not only as an Olympian, but also as the founder of the company that bears his name and continues to offer the best products on the market every year. But none of this would have been possible without the little blue bike. Louis Garneau is convinced that the opportunity he had to discover a passion is a chance that everyone should have.

First bike, first freedom

Giving a child their first bike is like giving them their first pair of wings. From the ability to go anywhere to the unparalleled feeling of freedom they can experience, nothing compares to what a first bike can provide. Their first bike is also their first means of expression and their first way to get around. It is an opportunity for a kid o gain a sense of independence.

In Louis Garneau's eyes, the bicycle is more than a way of transportation, it is a way of expressing ourselves, but above all of exploring. Whether it is our street, our neighborhood, our city or even our country. The bicycle is the tool that will accompany us throughout our life.

"I had a magical moment where I was in balance and I still remember the feeling I had. It was one of the beautiful moments of my life. It has marked my imagination and I just want to share it with you. I just want to share this moment of emotion, this moment of small victory in the family for your child," he says, with emotion.

And if it was a used bike that marked the beginning of Louis Garneau's journey, it is one of the best models in the world that will allow your children to start theirs. The 5 bikes now available on the Louis Garneau website will accompany your children in their first rides. From the Push Bike to the great exploration.

Fresh air for great happiness

It's no secret that fresh air and exercise are great for your health and mood. The same goes for your child. We would like to replace the time spent on the tablet or on the phone with a moment of happiness in the Louis Garneau style.

Basically, the idea behind the creation of these bikes is the well-being of your child. Very sincerely. And the message is simple: Just ride! Go, ride for fun!