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Louis Garneau, the Advantage of Being Here! 

At Louis Garneau, we are privileged to work in an environment where fun is part of the daily routine (really!). No matter which department you're interested in, each team has its own flavor to harmoniously combine achieving results and surpassing yourself. These are not just words here, they are part of a philosophy, a deep-rooted nature, a well-established company culture.

We must not forget that the company was born of a passion, a desire to do things better than anyone else and to constantly offer innovation, quality and the ultimate experience. Louis Garneau enjoys an enviable reputation worldwide, and this is due to the strong bond that unites each player on this great team. A team that is only waiting for other enthusiasts like you to push further, always, for the fun of it.

We live for rides, for runs, for excursions. The stories we create and the moments we experience drive us to better and more focused ideas and understanding of what our clients experience and need. For some of us, the challenge is that frantic lunchtime run and the last mile fight, that mad sprint. For others, it's the sense of accomplishment of completing their first triathlon. And for those for whom helping others is key, there is the satisfaction of supporting one of the many causes by using cycling events to raise money or bring people together. The unifying love of the game and our team spirit and commitment is what motivates us every day.


Working at Louis Garneau also means having these values embedded in your heart:


If there is one thing we all have in common at Louis Garneau, it is passion.

Of course, many of our employees are avid cyclists or sports enthusiasts, but don't be fooled if you think this is a prerequisite for us.

Even if we are not all seasoned cyclists, one thing unites us: being passionate about what we do. Passion has many fields of activities, and we all want to make the most of them!

Positive Attitude and Fun at Work

A mantra that we often share: "At Louis Garneau, we work hard, but we also have fun!".

Having a good attitude is probably one of our top hiring criteria. We firmly believe that with the right attitude, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and, as a bonus, in a great atmosphere of fun at work.

Agility and Versatility

In all situations, we act in the "solution mode". We strive to find solutions, to be versatile and to constantly multi-task.

We ask our employees to be agile and, in return, we are committed to offering them flexibility in their tasks, in the way they achieve their goals and in their work and personal life balance.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Louis Garneau, we respect, nurture and support each other, regardless of our interests, ideas or culture.

We rely on everyone to listen, be open and transparent in order to build an environment where everyone feels they have a real place.

We are one big, beautiful family where everyone is kind to each other (yes, that's really how it is!).


Innovation plays a major role in our day-to-day work, particularly in the creation of our products to meet the requirements of our customers.

In HR practices, we like to be innovative too. Our excellent benefits, flexible working hours and numerous " little extras " such as a community garden and a gym in our headquarters are proof of this.

All of this speaks to you? Come and take a look at why it's so great to work at Louis Garneau!

Because we believe that the best results, whether in sports competition or at work, come in an environment that is conducive to professional growth and satisfaction, we offer a range of benefits (these may vary depending on the location and position held).

Having a high degree of flexibility in working hours

Taking advantage of a group insurance

Benefiting from a pension plan with company contributions

Enjoying a very generous and quick access time off and holiday program

Taking advantage of great employee discounts

Being able to work from home several days a week (depending on the position).

Having a bunch of organized activities for a pleasant working environment!

Having access to several resources to get fit (free gym on site and free bike loan)

We need you, but we don't know it yet? 

This is the perfect opportunity to apply! Write to us at embauche@louisgarneau.com