Top 5 Favorite Features - Tri Apparel

by Linsey Corbin
- Triathlete, she won multiple Ironman competitions. Linsey is competing with Garneau triathlon apparel. 

Linsey Corbin’s Top 5 Favorite Features of Garneau Triathlon Apparel

Linsey Corbin has been competing with Garneau triathlon apparel for nearly a year now. She wanted to share the highlights of the collection, which have made her gain time on the clock. Discover what her top 5 favorite features are about the Garneau triathlon apparel.

  1. Garneau Custom
Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Apparel
Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Apparel

I am fortunate to have worked with the team at Garneau to create custom triathlon (and training) apparel that matches my personality as well as my bike, helmets, shoes and sunglasses. Garneau does an incredible job of matching all the details: colors, patterns, sponsor logos to help me stand out from the rest. Look good = feel good = go fast.

  1. Skin-suit

I race primarily in the Garneau Tri Course Skin Suit. Everytime I zip this power suit up, I am blown away by the comfort. I race long-distance triathlon and it takes me 9 hours or so to complete the Ironman. I can go from swimming with the sleeves of the suit up & feeling no restrictions, to an aggressive time-trial position for a 112 mile bike ride, to running a 3 hour marathon - and I am comfortable the entire way.

Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Skin Suit
Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Skin Suit
  1. Science matters
Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Apparel
Linsey Corbin on her Bike

The first time I put on a piece of Garneau triathlon apparel was nearly a year ago at the VeloDrome where I was testing a variety of apparel & products. What stood out the most was the fit of the apparel, the aerodynamics of the materials, and the comfort. The data didn’t lie, and the fastest apparel for me was Garneau.

  1. No chafing seamless shorts

Things get messy in an Ironman as you are often swimming in salt-water, dumping water on your head at aid-stations during the bike, shoving ice in your top on the run and by the end of the race you are likely covered in coke, gels & Gatorade. The Garneau tri shorts have only one seam and laser cut at the leg openings which is perfect for when things go from dry-wet-dry-wet throughout the triathlon.

Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Skin Suit
Linsey Corbin Running
  1. Pockets
Linsey Corbin Triathlon Custom Apparel
Triathlon Skin Suit's pockets

Everyone needs pockets! No matter the distance of triathlon you are competing in, it is inevitable you are going to need some sort of nutrition to get through the day. During race-day I carry with me gels, salt tablets and Shot Bloks on the run. Garneau perfectly thought through the placement of the pockets on their triathlon apparel to make them functional and well-placed. They even placed a laser-cut flap over the rear pocket on the jersey to prevent drag in the water.

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