Cycling Shoes' Buyers' Guide

by Garneau

Anytime someone asks us what type of shoes they need, we ask “where are you riding?” We ask this because we designed our shoes with features and technologies that help you ride in specific areas, and for various purposes.

The cycling shoe is a piece of equipment that can do much to promote a strong, efficient and comfortable pedal stroke whether it be on the road, the trails, in town or during triathlons. The cycling shoe keeps the rider tied to his bike – literally. The cleats attached to the outsoles are what make this magic happen – thanks to them, the rider clips both of his feet to his pedals and becomes one with his bike.

The technology created a true revolution in the cycling world when it was popularized in the late 1980s. With a cleat-equipped cycling shoe, the rider ‘s knee is stabilized, unlike regular sneakers and this leads to a much more efficient and powerful pedal stroke.

I've struggled to find a high-end shoe that is stiff and tight enough to race but allows my slightly wide right foot to be comfortable for the entire ride. I think the X-Comfort Zone may be the ticket. I've logged just over 100 miles on the new shoes, and so far they fit the bill exactly. I look forward to racing in them this summer. - Customer Review on the Course Air Lite II Shoe

A cycling shoe also features a very stiff outsole and an upper that hugs the foot. The goal: maximize the transfer of energy during the pedaling cycle while keeping the foot still in the shoe.

Another feature of cycling shoes is its comfort. To promote it, the shoe’s upper and inner sole are perforated to keep the foot nice and cool.

With all that being said, let’s find your perfect sole-mate. If you’re going to be on the bike the entire time, if you’ll be stopping along your ride to take pictures, if you’ll be on the road, the trail, or if you’re riding for competition, we’ve designed each shoe for a specific use.

Path and Pavement

This style of riding is typically for commuters, on rails to trails, gravel pathways, and around the neighborhood. Whether you’re commuting to work, working with the kids on how to ride, having a picnic, or doing some shopping, there’s a good chance you’ll be off the bike as much as on the bike. For that reason, you’ll need a shoe that has a firm rubber or nylon sole that helps with your pedaling efficiency, but still has a soft enough outsole to walk around and be comfortable.

Men and women's Urban Cycling Shoes

Urban Cycling Shoes
Urban Cycling Shoes

Designed exactly for their namesake, the Urban shoes are great for commuting, heading to the bar after work, or riding anywhere that you don’t want to have to change your shoes before or after the ride. Designed for superb walkability, slap these on and ride in comfort whenever you need.

Men's Urban Cycling Shoes / Women's Urban Cycling Shoes

Men and Women's Multi Air Flex

This shoe is a great option for cycling around the neighborhood, spending time with the family, or spending a day out in the country riding around. They’re slightly stiffer than the Urban options, so while you can still walk around in them, they are best for when you’re spending more time on the bike than off the bike.

Men's Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoes / Women's Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoes

Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoes
Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoes

Mixed Used

Riding gravel? Have a cyclocross season coming up? Riding trail or going mountain biking? These days you may be doing all of the above, and it’s easy for these lines to be blurred. These shoes are designed to be ridden anywhere between the city and the road.

Copper T-Flex

Souliers Cycliste Copper T-Flex
Souliers cyclistes Copper T-Flex

Designed for ultimate fit and performance, the T-Flex has a dual Boa® closure system with a racer fit to give you a high performing shoe that fits like a glove. Add in the carbon composite outsole for unparalleled power output, and you’ve got a great option for race day performance.

Men and Women's Granite XC

Our Granite line features high performance outsoles, easily adjustable closure systems, and most importantly, our AWARD-WINNING X-COMFORT ZONE TECHNOLOGY. Probably the shoes offering one our roomiest and most adjustable fits, the Granite II can handle anything you throw at them.The Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes. The patented X-Comfort Zone technology allows cycling shoes to stretch to accommodate B-D+ foot widths.

Canada : Granite XC Cycling Shoes / Women's Granite XC Cycling Shoes

Granite II Cycling Shoes
Granite II Cycling Shoes

Road Cycling

Whether you’re just getting into road riding for fun, for the social aspect, to add a little fitness to your life, or out to take a spot on the podium, we’ve got you covered. Designed for the ultimate transfer of power with the maximum comfort and lightest weight possible, our assortment of road shoes delivers, period.

Course Air Lite II

Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes
Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes

Winner of the 2017 EUROBIKE PRODUCT AWARD, the Course Air Lite II shoe is our pride and joy! Featuring the patented X-Comfort Zone, this shoe brings the perfect recipe of comfort, high performance, and light weight. If you want the best road cycling shoe on the market, then look no further.

Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes

Men and Women's Carbon LS-100 III

We packed a lot of punch into this shoe. The Carbon LS-100 III has a race fit, a breathable upper with a Boa® and hook-and-loop closure system, and a patented carbon composite outsole. A great option for your first competitive race shoe.

Men's Carbon LS-100 III Cycling Shoes / Women's Carbon LS-100 III Cycling Shoes

Carbon LS-100 III Cycling Shoes
Carbon LS-100 III Cycling Shoes

Women's Ruby II

Platinum II and Ruby II Cycling Shoes
Platinum II & Ruby II

Comfort doesn’t just happen. The Platinum II shoe features the same AWARD-WINNING X-COMFORT ZONE TECHNOLOGY found in our Course Air Lite II road shoe, Boa® closure system, and our breathable patented nylon/fiberglass outsole.

Women's Ruby II Cycling Shoes


Triathlon shoes are designed to get you through the transitions as fast as possible, while still providing the pedaling benefits of traditional road shoes. Designed and developed with professional athletes, our tri shoes give you exactly what you need for training and on race day.

Tri Air Lite

These shoes will literally keep your feet cool. The shoe’s upper and footbed are made out of IceFil technology. IceFil is sweat and heat activated and will cool your feet as they get hot.

Tri Air Lite Shoes

Tri Air Lite Shoes
Tri Air Lite Shoes

Want more information about the science and the award-winning technology behind Garneau footwear? Then learn more on our Garneau Shoe Tech Guide.