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Join us on December 22 for the International “Don’t text and drive” Day.

Too many people have died from texting and driving. Join us in signing the pledge to leave our phones alone while driving. After all, life is the most important message.


In 2017, on December 22, our friend and fellow cycling racer Jason Lowndes was killed by a car while training close to his home in Australia. He was 23 years old and was killed by a distracted driver.

Jason was a great friend of many people, yet this story is unfortunately one of the many we’ve heard across the globe. Cyclists or not, it seems we all know at least one person who’s been in a crash that was related to a distracted driver. Even as we write this, just a few weeks ago in Florida a distracted driver ran into 14 cyclists, two of which were killed.

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We are tired of our friends becoming statistics! Louis Garneau himself, in a recent press release said:

“Christmas will be upon us in a few days, and lives have been taken, families destroyed, and drivers saw their lives ruined. The cell phone is an extraordinary communication tool, but if used while driving a vehicle it can become a lethal weapon.”

What we're doing about it

Let’s take Jason’s story and everyone else’s story and make them meaningful. It’s time for real change!

JOIN US on December 22 for the International “Don’t Text and Drive” Day to make everyone on the planet aware of the danger of texting and driving. Texting while driving has affected cyclists, pedestrians, runners, as well as other motorists, and it’s time for it to stop.

We want to you put down your phones, all day. We will too. By putting our phones down for an entire day, it will remind us to be more present, both in and out of the car. It will remind us that life is more important than emojis. It’s more important that YouTube or social media. Life is the most important message.

Help us spread the word! We hope this day of reflection will touch millions of people around the world, and we want it repeated every December 22, for the rest of our lives, in homage to our friend Jason and all the others who have died for no reason.

Take your pledge with you

Purchase the “No texting while driving” wristband for $5 and have a constant reminder to leave the phone alone. All proceeds go to awareness.

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Sign or renew your pledge to stop using your phone while driving

Aside from turning our phones off during the International “Don’t text don’t drive” Day, we also encourage you to sign the pledge to not use your phone while driving, ever. If you’ve already signed a similar pledge in the past, then take this opportunity to renew that pledge.

December 22 is a day of reflection, but the need to reduce distracted driving fatalities goes much longer than (suggestion: the need to… goes way beyond) one day of not using your phone. Sign the pledge and stop using your phone while driving every day for the rest of your life.

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