The 5 essentials of the fatbike

The fatbike essentials

There's no doubt that fatbikes are the new trend in two-wheeled sports. Its ever-growing popularity may raise some eyebrows, but with winters getting harsher, fatbikes are a great way to tackle snowy roads while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, here's a list of essentials for anyone looking to get on the saddle of this oversized bike.

1. Cover your face

Regardless of the season, there is one reccuring factor every year: the cold. Whether it's in the form of a fall breeze or a winter storm, no one is safe from the cold weather during their bike rides.

A cold headwind can make many a rider happy when it pushes them in the back, but it can also take out the most resilient cyclists. If not because of the resistance it creates, it's the biting cold that attacks uncovered faces that gets the better of them.  That's why it's important to have a proper face cover for fatbike rides.

The matrix 2.0 neck warmer is a perfect example of a winter outing essential that's warm enough to protect you in the coldest weather. Its seamless, multi-zone construction provides breathability and protection and the precision knitting allows for a  product that is both slim and very stretchy, making the matrix 2.0 an ideal piece of gear, even on warmer days.

2. A chamois adapted to cold temperatures

Pants or warm tights, you often have to make a choice. Each garment has its own advantages and specific characteristics, both in terms of comfort and protection against the cold.

When the time comes to dress for a ride into the cold, it is essential to consider the ability of our clothing to protect us from the weather, while offering us the flexibility and mobility that a bike ride implies.

To that end, the Solano tights have been a staple in the Garneau catalog for years. They are a soft shell pant that uses three different fabrics in specific areas to provide the perfect balance of protection from the elements, heat retention and comfort.  On the outside, the Light WindDry fabric keeps moisture and cold air out, while on the inside, the Heatmaxx fabric is worn directly against the skin to retain body heat and wick away moisture.

3. An efficient multi-layer

As with any winter sport, it is essential for people who want to venture out on a fatbike in winter to dress appropriately. While the choice of tights is important, nothing can be more important than the choice of protective layers. After all, it is from the  upper body that the most heat escapes.

Multi-layering is one of the factors that limit the effect of cold. This technique simply consists of covering yourself with three pieces of clothing, each with a precise and defined role.

  • A base layer: a t-shirt or a comfortable vest (see our articles)
  • A middle layer: which can be a coat, a jacket or another layer of warmer clothing (see our articles)
  • An outer layer: a windproof garment such as a shell, or a windbreaker of any kind (see our articles)

By evaluating the temperature, it becomes easy to select the elements of the multi-layer allowing to practice fatbike without worrying about the cold.

4. Keep your hands warm

By assessing the temperature, it becomes easy to select the elements of the multi-layer that will allow you to ride your fatbike without worrying about the cold.

Some important elements to consider are the waterproofness of the fabric, heat retention and the ability of the gloves to regulate moisture. The Super Prestige 3 gloves offer unparalleled performance in all three areas while allowing for unparalleled  adaptability thanks to its windproof and waterproof elastane finger covers.

In addition, its progressive thickness Biogel pads prevent hand numbness while hiking.

5. Sunglasses: a necessity

Anyone who has ever participated in outdoor activities in the winter knows how formidable the sun can be. The rays that reflect off the snow are often a source of discomfort. To complete your fatbike gear, all you need to do is select a pair of sunglasses. No matter what style you're looking for, Louis Garneau's sunglasses will protect any cyclist from the sun's rays so that every race can be a pleasant experience where snowy landscapes are observed without squinting.