Cyclist on bike focus on shorts and saddle

Q : Straps or no straps?

A : Bibstraps are great for some people, and not so much for others. It truly is a personal preference. Having straps has some benefits like keeping your shorts up and in place, providing additional coverage, and minimizing movement of the fabrics. This can transfer to more comfort during long rides. However, some people find bibs to be too restrictive, and in some cases, can make it hard to use the restroom on long days. We’d suggest you try both and see what you prefer.

Q : Short shorts or long shorts?

R : Just like the bibshorts question, this is completely a personal preference and in some cases there are benefits to one or the other. For mountain biking, having a longer inseam short can help cover up knee pads and provide more coverage in case of a crash. However, if you’re spending a lot of time climbing on your bike then a shorter inseam baggy may be better for you.

On the road/Lycra side, longer inseams can provide more coverage as well as additional compression for your thighs and hamstrings. Having a shorter short reduces weight and makes it almost seem like you’re not wearing anything at all, which actually may feel great on hot summer days. As with the bibshorts question, we’d recommend to try different styles and see what you like.

Q : What about that pad?

A: Our “chamois”, or pads, are what keep you comfortable during your ride. It is the piece that interfaces between your sit bones and the saddle, and is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can invest in. Read below for additional details on our chamois technology.

Q : What if I don’t want to wear Lycra shorts on the road?

A: Then no problem! We have plenty of baggie short options if that’s your style. We definitely suggest wearing a padded liner though, as that will help ensure you have a comfortable ride!

Q : What about the number of panels a short has?

A: Several years ago, the more panels a Lycra short had, the better it was perceived, and cyclists thought the more panels the better. Typically, having more panels means the shorts will fit to your body better and reduce friction while pedaling. However, modern technology found in Garneau apparel has let us reduce the number of panels needed and still provide shorts that fit like a glove. From laser cut seams to molded fabrics, we’re happy to offer you some of the best technologies on the market.

Q : I want a custom kit!

A: Awesome! Click here to get started.