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Cobalt Lace Cycling Shoes

The perfect combination of features for all-terrain riding, laced up with award-winning technology that gets to you to the top fast and lets you fly down with confidence.
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Our new line of Cobalt mountain biking shoes offers something for every style of all-terrain, downhill or trail rider of any age out there. The Cobalt Lace offers a casual look that's jam-packed with performance features, including the X-Comfort Zone technology that allows the foot to swell up to 5 mm during riding, thus eliminating hot spots and discomfort, and a super grippy rubber outsole that's SPD compatible. The outsole's flat pedal style provides plenty of surface area to increase balance for the demands of all mountain riding, while our T-Flex technology provides increased pedaling efficiency for the climbs. Its casual look blends into any après-style event, and its aesthetics will fit in anywhere.
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