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Vent Tri Sleeveless Top

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When it's hot, stay cool: this is the Vent Tri Sleeveless' raison d'être. Optimized for body cooling during the summer's hottest triathlons, this sleeveless top is made with the lightest fabrics out there. It lets air have its cooling effect on the body while making sure wind resistance is reduced to a minimum .
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The Vent Tri Sleeveless is made with new Tri Edge fabric that dries in no time. It also proves to be a great aerodynamic asset with its golf-ball structure, preventing air from staying close to the fabric. Since nutrition is as important as the swim, bike and run during a triathlon, new angled back pockets offer plenty of storage for bars and gels while preventing any loss during the race thanks to a tight elastic opening. Ice pockets located near the rib cage help keep blood vessels cool when filled with ice from the feed zone.
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